• Ximopanolti (welcome)! I am Brandon Cornejo, a computer and technology enthusiast from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a life long developer and advocate for free (as in freedom) software, privacy and anonymity online.

    I have earned degrees in both Computer Networking and Information Science from local universities while improving my abilities as a developer both in my free time and professionally. Over + years I've filled my life with a number of passions including but not limited to:

    • Free Open Source Software (GNU/Mozilla/Tor)
    • Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy, everything)
    • Indigenous Mesoamerican Culture
    • Bitcoin (Cryptocurrencies)
    • Javascript (Frontend/SPA, Node.js, Titanium Mobile)
    • Strategy Games (P&P, Board, PC)
    • Linux/BSD System Administration
    • Network/Applications Security
  • Employment

    Senior Developer (2017-present)
    Canpango (ScanSource)
    • Roles: Custom system integrations, data migration, Salesforce platform developer, Python application development
    • Technologies: Python, Apex, Javascript, Lightning framework, C#, Redis, MongoDB, Postgres, Flask
    Python Developer (2014-2016)
    Corvisa (CorvisaCloud)
    • Roles: Backend python developer for the CorvisaCloud platform.
    • Technologies: Python, Django, Tastypie, Postgres, Redis, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, zmq, Lua
    Web Developer/Designer (2012-2014)
    Harley-Davidson Motor Company
    • Roles: Computer-based training developer. Create and manage web training for employees and global dealership network. Managing translated digital content. Updating old Flash courses to HTML5.
    • Technologies: JavaScript (jQuery), HTML5, CSS3, XML, ActionScript (Flash), SCORM
    Client Services Specialist (2010-2012)
    Harley-Davidson Motor Company
      • Roles: H-D Museum interactive exhibit support, Desktop and application support. Identity Administration (ITIM, Active Directory, User Access)
      • Technologies: Windows XP/7, Zebra Printers, Symbol Mobile scanners and computers (on fork lifts), IBM (Global Service Desk, ITIM, TEM & Tivoli Provisioning Manager), McAfee Endpoint Encryption
  • Degrees

    B.S., Information Science & Technology (2013)
    University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI
    A.A.S., IT Network Specialist (2010)
    Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee WI


    Titanium Certified Application Developer
    Earned May 13, 2012 - http://appcelerator.com
    Salesforce Platform Developer
    Earned 2017 - http://salesforce.com
  • DotaNoobs.com      
    A friendly DotA community.
    Orna Equipment Combinator      
    Tools for the Orna Geo-RPG.
    Prototype for a VPN service website.
    DiscworldMUD TinTin   
    Scripts and configuration for the TinTin++ client for DiscworldMUD.
    DiscworldMUD Shop Dashboard      
    A dashboard for player-run shop on the DiscworldMUD, tracking item profit/stock etc.
    ACKS Toolkit      
    Tools for the Adventurer Conqueror King system.
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    binaryatrocity @ irc.oftc.net



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